Sweet Spot Festival on 27th and 28th of July in Tallinn


Vaiko Eplik

Vaiko Eplik Vaiko Eplik

Trad. Attack!

Trad. Attack! Trad. Attack!


Reket Reket


Pyhimys Pyhimys

Onni Boi

Onni Boi Onni Boi


Miljardid Miljardid


Mew Mew


Mahavok Mahavok

London Grammar

London Grammar London Grammar

Leslie Da Bass

Leslie Da Bass Leslie Da Bass

Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez Jose Gonzalez


Chalice Chalice


5’nizza 5’nizza
Sweetspot festival

This summer’s sweetest weekend will bring together a lot of lovely people, delightful music, tasty bites and exciting pieces of art – all that very close to the heart of Tallinn. Sweet Spot festival, taking place for the very first time at Tallinn Creative Hub’s Park on 27th and 28th of July, offers you an opportunity to take yourself on a two-day cultural journey filled with quality music and provides the nicest city festival experience.

During two days, the world’s top class acts and the best Estonian artists will perform on festival stages. When putting together the musical programme, main focus is on introducing the greatest and most exciting bands and musicians right now, not that much on which genre they belong to. The bar is set high on every other area as well – food and drinks are served to festival visitors only by the best restaurants and chefs, the visual side of the festival will be taken care of by the most exciting and intriguing local artists. Sweet Spot is very conveniently located in Tallinn Creative Hub’s park where, when carefully listening, one could hear the sounds of the sea and in the evening, sunset will add some natural light effects. The festival will help you forget the background noise of the city and lets you enjoy the warm summer nights in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sweet Spot is not simply a music festival, although music plays a very important role. It is a lifestyle festival for those appreciating quality music, arts, culture, modern European way of life. The festival is warm and friendly, liberal and innovative – like a gentle fresh breeze on a hot summer day.

Creative hub's park

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